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Queen’s shoes&more offers a curated selection of clothing, shoes and accessories. We also offer our own brand designed by Sindy Hernandez and produced locally. 

Style is only a click away or a visit away, come shop with us and we will find the best style for you. 

“It is not what you wear, it is How you wear it.”


About Us

Sindy Hernandez

store owner

Queen’s was born because of my love for shoes and to have store front for my clothing line, SINDY Collection. Through the years Queen’s has been changing, just like fashion itself changes, but I am happy to tell you that this is a new beginning for Queen’s and SINDY collection. I believe that the way the world is changing and this pandemic that has the world upside down, will change the way we see fashion. I have always believed in classic style, style that is eternal and it doesn’t change every turn of the season. Now more than ever I think it is important that we recognize that change is needed for our planet. I believe in investing in clothing that will live longer in your closet; therefore reduce waist. Less is more. 

Invest in pieces that will last for a while.


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